Concept of twirling battery????

In the market we’ve seen plenty spinning, twirling, and wind-up gadgets like radio, cassette player, LEDs n fluorecent torch, Mp3 and many more devices , but nothing quite like this battery concept designed by Song Teaho and Hyejin Lee. While there’s still a bit of work to be done with the actual “working” part, the concept is to simply let you twirl your cellphone battery around your finger a few times for a quick bit of juice to send a text or make a call — the designers estimate 130 twirls will give you two minutes of talking time. 

Of course, the same idea could also be applied to batteries for other devices, although you’d probably have your work cut out for you trying to charge your laptop battery.

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What would Earth looks? if it had rings like saturn

What would Earth look like if it had rings like Saturn? Watch this Video.

This animation was done by Roy Prol, and it shows not only how the rings would look from space, but also the view Earthlings would have of the rings. Prol says the ring views from Earth’s surface were created according to the location’s latitude and the viewer’s orientation, and that the size of the rings was calculated respecting the Roche limit for the Earth. A very intriguing concept, and the video is very well done. The only bad thing about Earth having rings is that we probably wouldn’t have our Moon, and we wouldn’t have just found water on it!

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बादल माथी बाट मेरो जन्मभुमि


धेरै दिन भयो ब्लग अपडेट गर्न नपाएको,

त्यसैले नेपाल आउँदा बादल माथी बाट (प्लेन बाट)

देखिने मेरो देशका हिमशृन्खला, पहाड अनि तराई का रमणिय फोटो राख्दै छु । (धेरै…)

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सिमलको भुवा सरी मन उड्न थालेको छ
अर्थहिन जीवन देखी थकाइ लाग्न थालेको छ।

कहिल्यै नमेटिने भो चोट यो मनमा लागेको
सायद त्यसैले होला मन भाग्न थालेको छ।

स्वच्छ हृदयमा बास बस्न खोज्दा खोज्दै
आफैलाई छली अन्तै डेरा सर्न थालेको छ।

भन्ने गर्थे बुढापाकाले मनको कुनै भर हुन्न
बाध्यता र भोगाईले बिश्वास लाग्न थालेको छ।

गार्हो हुन्छ भन्थे जिउन मन मुटु छुट्टिएर
तिम्लाई छोडी यो मुटु फेरी डेरा खोज्न थालेको छ।

संजिता, चितवन

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Salinomycin:Newly discovered Anti-cancer compound

A new study conducted on mice has uncovered a chemical compound that effectively targets cancer stem cells – the key cells that spread malignant tumours and are usually resistant to treatment.

In a study published in Thursday’s edition of the journal Cell, a group of medical researchers said they had discovered that a compound called salinomycin targeted cancer stem cells directly. (धेरै…)

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Battery can Hold 20Kwh of sunenergy to run an entire home

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A small disc could be the solution for the efficient and cheap storage of the sun’s energy. A Utah-based company has found a new way to store solar energy – in a small ceramic disk which can store more power for less. Researchers at Ceramatec have created the disk, which can hold up to 20-kilowatt hours, enough to power an entire house for a large portion of the day.

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256Gb DataTraveller World’s First FlashDrive


Kingston Technology, the independent world leader in memory products, announced the launch of the world’s first 256GB USB flash drive, It’s DataTraveler 2.0 USB Flash drives put portable flash memory in anyones hands. Reliable and easy to use, DataTraveler is the choice of corporations and consumers alike for securely storing, carrying and transferring important data, favorite songs, photos and more. Go across country, across town or across platforms with data at your fingertips.

New DataTraveler® 300 is a convenient way to store, carry and transfer files. With its 256GB capacity, DataTraveler 300 contains plenty of room for storing photos, music and important files. Secure data with Password Traveler software, which allows you to create and access a password-protected, secure area of the drive called a “Privacy Zone.”

It comes in a range of models ideal for home, work, school or small businesses. And also ideal for Enterprise and corporate environments,Its Secure drives keep your data safe with 256-bit AES hardware-based encryption. Now it is available in Far East, Europe, Middle East & Africa only.

Courtesy: Kingston

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    विनाशकारी भूकम्पले हामीलाई थुप्रै घाऊहरु छोडेर गएको छ। निर्दोष प्रियजनहरुको असामयिक र दर्दपूर्ण निधनको घाऊ कहिल्यै निको हुने छैन। भूकम्पमा परेर अशक्त भएकाहरुले कठिन जिन्दगी जिउनु छ। भूकम्पले थुप्रै बालबालिकहरुलाई अनाथ बनाएको छ र थुप्रै महिला र बृद्धबृद्धाहरुलाई असहाय बनाएको छ। यो भूकम्पले सिर्जेको मानसिक समस्याले हाम्रो समाजलाई लामो समयसम्म तर्साईरहनेछ। मानव […]

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    यही वैशाख १२, १३ र २९ का ठूला भूकम्प र त्यस बीचमा गएका सयौं का परकम्प र ‘धक्का’ सँगै नेपालमा घटेका विगतका ठूला भूकम्पको बारेका खोज र कौतूहल पनि बढेको छ । भूकम्प मूलतः प्राकृतिक घटना भएपनि ठूला भूकम्पहरू एउटा “अविस्मरणीय खाटा”का रूपमा देशको इतिहासमा रहन्छन् । अहिलेको विनाशकारी भूकम्पभन्दा अगाडिको कुरा गर्ने हो भने ९० साल अर्थात् सन १९३४ को भूकम्प नै नेपालको ल […]
    Dilip Acharya

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