Thanks to visit my blog, I heartly Welcome to you all and request to submit your valuable comment and suggestion about my blog. Thanks once again………….

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  • 1. Ashok Regmi, NP  |  मे 5, 2007 मा 3:24 अपराह्न

    it is very nice web site..
    Ashok Regmi
    Gadhimai FM 91.4 MHz
    Birgunj-10, Parsa

  • 2. Bro. bishal, USA  |  मे 6, 2007 मा 2:27 बिहान

    come on man , it is so nice website but u ve to do more work for this, good luck

  • 3. Raj kumar pradhan,chitwan NP  |  मे 6, 2007 मा 5:39 बिहान

    your try is very good. we r always with u. we get new things from your hard work.keep it up.

  • 4. Ashis Malla, JPN  |  मे 6, 2007 मा 8:05 बिहान

    just i know from u (mama),if we want than we can do anything,keep it up this is really getting cool day by day.
    with love

  • 5. Man Kumar Shrestha, gunma JPN  |  मे 6, 2007 मा 1:23 अपराह्न

    Hi Cheeju
    It`s nice and great work what you are going to do, really friend I am very much proud after reading your blog. Try your best !!!

  • 6. Gyanishowri Shrestha, gunma JPN  |  मे 6, 2007 मा 1:33 अपराह्न

    Hi Bhai Cheeju ,
    Sarbapratham ta timilai Shubakamana!!!!!!
    Timro Blog lekhne prayash tibra ruple aagadi badhos ra yesta dherai timra rachana sathai aru dherai khurak haru hamro samu deu vanne asha rakdai timro safaltako kamana !!!

  • 7. Alina Shrestha, NP  |  मे 7, 2007 मा 3:43 अपराह्न

    Hi Uncle, Wow! it’s a nice n lovely website i like it very much and
    hope you will do it much more better……keep it up

  • 8. B.R.  |  मे 18, 2007 मा 2:12 अपराह्न

    very nice blog…cheej ji
    update chahi garadai garanu of luck !!

  • 9. rekha  |  मे 21, 2007 मा 11:00 बिहान

    it’s a very nice blog uncle just like u . and keep writing more and more

  • 10. bro bishal  |  जुन 2, 2007 मा 7:41 बिहान

    good try bro , i know u can do much better
    wish u good luck
    dai from united states

  • 11. Devendra Shrestha  |  अगस्ट 7, 2007 मा 1:34 बिहान

    it’s a really great things what you did. Really I personally enjoyed by seeing your blog, make it regular update. You also could make a internet community in japan. Where you could share your everything. your Blog’s title is also nice “pardesh baata” ………………….I know you are really a creative person, and you will do something for the nation……………. This types of man is really need for us…… I wish your progress in the days to come.

    Devendra K. Shrestha , Chitwan , Tandi

  • 12. Zinta  |  सेप्टेम्बर 23, 2007 मा 12:10 बिहान

    updating is the key i think! and a big challenge

  • 13. ramesh Poudel  |  नोभेम्बर 13, 2007 मा 6:59 अपराह्न

    its nice to see u in website cheeju dai, i am proud of u i know u r genious and smart. keep it up

  • 14. sseema  |  नोभेम्बर 20, 2007 मा 8:00 अपराह्न

    hi nice to c ur blog. really very good job n impressed by ur blog very much. keep it up n give ur best .
    with best wishes

  • 15. just identify me  |  मार्च 11, 2008 मा 1:36 अपराह्न

    hi this is ……………… of course ur best wisher an what a work any one who is known is just by their works u are the diamond in wrong hands no thing more than this to say his masterpeice oh i cant say master peice but just a piece bec it need to change many thing its good but not the best but i am hoping the best i was always fan of ur writing and someone too … also looking and and smiling u r smart so u had got it i know need not to explain. ( heart beat) be storng be bold thats al to say .

  • 16. Lawrence Hartley  |  जुन 13, 2008 मा 7:53 अपराह्न

    Having found your site on google i decided to have a read as i thought it might be interesting. Unfortunatly I am wrong, I was amazed at your comments on HM Queen Elizabeth. If you had done your homework, you would have placed HM far higher.

    It is such a shame when talking out HM and not even being able to write the correct English.

    Never mind good try.

  • 17. haytham  |  नोभेम्बर 30, 2009 मा 2:26 बिहान

    hi i browsed your blog and it is very good.if you want exchange link with my blog i have nearly 100 visitors aday..
    my blog

  • 18. James Bhandari  |  मार्च 2, 2011 मा 2:04 अपराह्न

    ya u really made it great. good luck for your work

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