World’s 7 Amazing Holes

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Looking at photos like these scares and fascinates me in equal doses. The sheer scale of these holes reminds you of just how tiny you are. Here is the Name of 7 amazing Holes on the World.

1 Mirny Diamond Mine, Siberia
2 Kimberley Big Hole – South Africa
3 Glory Hole – Monticello Dam
4 Bingham Canyon Mine, Utah
5 Great Blue Hole, Belize
6 Diavik Mine, Canada
7 Sinkhole, Guatemala

Mirny Diamond Mine, Siberia

i’m pretty sure most people have seen this one. it’s an absolute beast and holds the title of largest open diamond mine in the world. at 525 metres deep with a top diameter of 1200 metres there’s even a no-fly zone above the hole due to a few helicopters being sucked in.

the red arrow in the photo below is pointing to a huge truck.

Kimberley Big Hole – South Africa

Apparently the largest ever hand-dug excavation in the world, this 1097 metre deep mine yielded over 3 tonnes of diamonds before being closed in 1914.

The amount of earth removed by workers is estimated to total 22.5 million tonnes.

Glory Hole – Monticello Dam

A glory hole is used when a dam is at full capacity and water needs to be drained from the resevoir.

This is the glory hole belonging to monticello dam in california and it’s the largest in the world, its size enabling it to consume 14′400 cubic feet of water every second.

The hole can be seen at the top left of the photo above. if you were to jump in for some reason your slightly damp body would shoot out near the bottom of the dam (below).

Bingham Canyon Mine, Utah

This is supposedly the largest man-made excavation on earth. extraction began in 1863 and still continues today, the pit increasing in size constantly in its current state the hole is 3/4 mile deep and 2.5 miles wide.


Great Blue Hole, Belize

Situated 60 miles off the mainland of belize is this incredible ‘geographical phenomenon’ known as a blue hole. there are numerous blue holes around the world but none as stunning as this one.

At surface level the near perfectly circular hole is 1/4 mile wide, the depth in the middle reaching 145 metres. obviously the hole is a huge hit with divers. read more here.

Diavik Mine, Canada

This incredible mine can be found 300km northeast of yellowknife in canada.

The mine is so huge and the area so remote that it even has its own airport with a runway large enough to accomodate a boeing 737. It also looks equally as cool when the surrounding water is frozen.


Sinkhole, Guatemala

A sinkhole is caused when water (usually rainwater or sewage) is soaked up by the earth on a large scale, resulting in the ground collapsing.

These photos are of a sinkhole which occured early this year in guatemala. the hole swallowed a dozen homes and killed at least 3 people.

Officials blamed the monster of a hole on a ruptured sewage pipe.

a news report about the hole…


sources: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8


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  • 1. Stalin.R  |  अक्टोबर 30, 2007 मा 5:49 अपराह्न

    Wow!! I heard about That Dam and Mirny, but now only i’m seeing the left it’s interesting yeah!
    But more details needed to know….

  • 2. fliss casey and jo  |  जनवरी 23, 2008 मा 9:39 अपराह्न

    wow these holes were amazing whatever started you off? wouldnt like to fall down the last one with all that POO
    see you soon sweet cheeks

  • 3. Jamie  |  मार्च 22, 2008 मा 10:34 बिहान

    Those are some pretty amazing holes.

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  • 7. Ashleigh  |  जुलाई 21, 2008 मा 11:53 बिहान



  • 8. TIFFANY  |  जुलाई 21, 2008 मा 11:54 बिहान


  • 9. john  |  जुलाई 21, 2008 मा 11:55 बिहान

    get these are cool i dont wanna fall down them:P

  • 10. BRUCE  |  जुलाई 21, 2008 मा 11:56 बिहान


    hello john lenon !

  • 11. kath and kim  |  जुलाई 21, 2008 मा 11:58 बिहान

    awsome pictures!

  • 12. ashy!  |  जुलाई 21, 2008 मा 12:00 अपराह्न

    hello cameron and paige! :):):):):):):):):(:(:(:(:(:(:D

  • 13. paige  |  जुलाई 21, 2008 मा 12:01 अपराह्न

    These pictures are the best!!!!:(

  • 14. Kelli  |  अगस्ट 4, 2008 मा 7:21 बिहान

    these are incredible holes! amazing! Love the one in Yellowknife.

  • 15. Kelli  |  अगस्ट 4, 2008 मा 7:21 बिहान

    loved the pics! Thanks

  • 16. marither anastacio  |  फ्रेवुअरी 18, 2009 मा 6:02 बिहान

    Honestly, I don’t find it amazing. I find it threatening. From these pictures, I can already imagine the future. This is the result of our greed and selfishness, since we can’t give up luxury & technology, expect for our planet to have more holes.

  • 17. World’s 7 Amazing Holes “7 หลุมมหัศจรรย์ของโลก” « skyunderworld  |  फ्रेवुअरी 28, 2009 मा 10:30 बिहान

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    […] Re: Kumpulan Gambar – Gambar Aneh dan Lucu 7 lubang besar di dunia – 7 Sinkhole, Guatemala source: Worlds 7 Amazing Holes Pardesh Baata […]

  • 20. tom  |  मार्च 19, 2009 मा 3:14 अपराह्न

    This is so awesome if you were forced to suiced i would jump ito when of them

  • 21. zoeisdapp!!  |  अप्रील 2, 2009 मा 11:15 बिहान

    the water ones seem really fake

  • 22. rimsha maria  |  अगस्ट 14, 2009 मा 12:10 बिहान

    lovely pics oo my god i just like that alot it is also scary even

  • 23. swati  |  अगस्ट 15, 2009 मा 12:39 बिहान

    kaise dharti mein gaddhe kar rakhe hai susuurooo in gaddho mei dub maro……………….

  • 24. janni  |  अगस्ट 15, 2009 मा 12:42 बिहान


  • 25. Muhammad Rafique  |  अगस्ट 29, 2009 मा 12:23 बिहान

    I am very surprised to see that amazing working.

  • 26. Syed Muslim  |  अक्टोबर 3, 2009 मा 4:03 अपराह्न

    its very amzaing to see the holes & i sure that ALLAH suban w taala reason behing it. ALLAH knows better.

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    […] Manmade Holes With regards to the Largest Manmade Holes,  I can’t help but put a comment regarding the pictures. Those were not amazing but alarming! […]

  • 28. sara khan  |  अक्टोबर 16, 2009 मा 7:22 अपराह्न

    u r having a mind blowing information n these pics r realyyyyy goooood……..

  • 29. raju  |  मे 27, 2010 मा 2:12 बिहान

    Amazing photo

  • 30. bella  |  जुन 2, 2010 मा 10:24 बिहान

    what could have coused this to happen??

  • 31. steviie wee  |  जुन 2, 2010 मा 3:50 अपराह्न

    GLORY HOLE hahaha [funny name]

  • 32. Paula  |  जुन 3, 2010 मा 11:55 बिहान

    People are destroying the earth! and this is the proof. Its an absolute abomination… We are the cancer on this earth, one day mother nature will not be able to take any more.. we need to go into remission before we fully destoy this world!!

  • 33. webbert  |  जुन 3, 2010 मा 5:25 अपराह्न

    is the end of the earth …………!!!!!
    and is the best for this world ……


  • 34. neophite  |  जुन 3, 2010 मा 5:28 अपराह्न

    this is not just a hole, it was made to be a hive for the alien pls. pray for your lives.

  • 35. Anonymous  |  जुन 4, 2010 मा 11:09 बिहान

    Wow… just thinking about kimberly hole makes me wanna cry… What if you slide down there 😄

    And what if your boat sink in the great blue hoole T ~T

  • 36. Anonymous  |  जुन 4, 2010 मा 11:10 बिहान

    you know what? you can survive falling in one of this holes… and that hoole is the glry hole 😄

    You will end up in the dam 😄

    just dont get in the middle :O

  • 37. Antoony  |  जुन 4, 2010 मा 12:15 अपराह्न

    I am always amazed to see such natural wonders. I was amazed to see the giant holes in the face of this earth.

  • 38. mheme  |  जुन 4, 2010 मा 4:12 अपराह्न

    its amazing !! but so scary..
    i think its a sign that god will coming soon..
    so we need to get ready..
    lets pray that will never happen again..

  • 39. VatuBarok  |  जुन 5, 2010 मा 3:30 बिहान

    And actually, the Guatemala Sinkhole ain’t really a sinkhole at all! 😀

  • 40. catherine  |  जुन 5, 2010 मा 11:47 बिहान

    are you nuts stand next to it no way my bags would be packed .can you imagine going down and you thinking who has the rope for me to get out of here .I don’t want to wait for help !

  • 41. latoya  |  जुन 5, 2010 मा 3:26 अपराह्न

    lol. glory hole 😉

  • 42. ryan tan  |  जुन 5, 2010 मा 11:26 अपराह्न

    the longest holes in earth

  • 43. satya  |  जुलाई 29, 2010 मा 9:20 अपराह्न

    superb collection……….. awesom………… n even scary

  • 44. maria mani  |  जुन 18, 2012 मा 9:35 अपराह्न

    Wow Java never heard that there was one in the u.s hum so interesting send me more information

  • 45. Gerald Lesego Setlhare  |  जुलाई 15, 2012 मा 7:35 अपराह्न

    Hi I am Lesego 24 years old I love Geographic reasons explains the sinkholes better lol!we

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