Manuel Uribe : World’s fattest man

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Mexican Manuel Uribe, tipping the scales at 560 kilograms (1,234 pounds) and seen here at his home in 2006, will be listed as the world’s fattest man by the Guinness Book of Records, while a loss of 200 kilos (440 pounds) may make him the man who lost the most weight.



Diet halves body weight of World’s fattest man


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  • 1. rand  |  नोभेम्बर 26, 2007 मा 11:53 अपराह्न

    Go mamuel. You are an inspiration to many who want to loose weight. Goodluck!

  • 2. GOOCH  |  जनवरी 4, 2008 मा 7:02 बिहान


  • 3. IhateFatties  |  जनवरी 16, 2008 मा 12:31 अपराह्न

    Manuel, lose some weight. Your like the size of my escalade, if ur daughter gave u a hug shed get lost. Stop eating fatty!

  • 4. tiff  |  फ्रेवुअरी 3, 2008 मा 11:12 अपराह्न

    hey fatty bum bum
    sweet sugar dumpling
    let me tell you something
    stop f**king eating!

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    […] Manuel Uribe, who according to Guiness Book of World Record hold the dubious title of Heaviest Man in the World, has lost half his body weight thanks to a low-carb diet: […]

  • 6. dani  |  फ्रेवुअरी 23, 2008 मा 9:30 बिहान

    wat the hell?? dude u r really fat and unhealthy. here are some tips!
    1. eat less
    2. exercise
    3. and get an accurate scale!
    how can u live this way???

  • 7. jennifer  |  फ्रेवुअरी 26, 2008 मा 9:05 बिहान

    dont let anyone get you down you look like you have a good heart and beautiful soul ill keep you in my prayers …..

  • 8. jhpney  |  फ्रेवुअरी 27, 2008 मा 11:29 बिहान

    u no wat,
    go fuck a cow i hate fatties and gooch

  • 9. stephen chikosaula  |  मार्च 7, 2008 मा 3:15 अपराह्न

    well God created everyone in the way he was pleased and dont worry brother just keep yourself near the presence of the lord coz even the slim people feel the way you feel God bless you dear

  • 10. corey  |  मार्च 9, 2008 मा 12:49 अपराह्न

    hey dude i weigh like 265 and you make me wanna puke im def. losing some weight. thxs for the attitude to do it now

  • 11. Kathy  |  मार्च 11, 2008 मा 6:28 बिहान

    I think the people above who are saying very mean things about this man should “shut the hell up”…
    Keep up the good work in losing weight…you’re doing wonderful and I’ll keep praying for you.

  • 12. james  |  मार्च 13, 2008 मा 7:45 बिहान

    i am doing a reoprt on u at school about insperational people and ur inspire people all over the world keep up the good work and dont let names or anything get u down.

  • 13. bob  |  मार्च 15, 2008 मा 6:14 बिहान

    you people are all evil sadist and are alomst defintely going to hell. maybe u shudnt drive ur faggy escalade you rich bitch. dude keep droppin those pounds! you’re an inspiration to a lot of people, and i consider what happened to you as a sickness. know one does this to themsleves. have faith, you’re in my prayers.

  • 14. louis sanchez  |  मार्च 15, 2008 मा 8:50 अपराह्न

    hey all fattys out there your ruining your life and others please stop eating

  • 15. vanessa  |  मार्च 17, 2008 मा 9:17 बिहान

    dude that is just nasty why do people want to get that fat?that is so gay…….SICK!!!!!

  • 16. hottie  |  मार्च 17, 2008 मा 9:23 बिहान

    you people are ruining your lifes by eating so much food im 16 and can hardly finish my plate!you people are just sick!how can you handle all that blubber?you definatly should not get on a tredmal…you might break it!you fatties get your asses up and get a son of a bitches!you need to lose some weight!!!!!take my advice!ASSES!!!

  • 17. stacey  |  मार्च 17, 2008 मा 9:28 बिहान

    you know i will pray 4 u all the time!you are doing great trying to lose weight!KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!!!!!

  • 18. mavix  |  मार्च 18, 2008 मा 7:21 अपराह्न


  • 19. rawwr>lana  |  मार्च 25, 2008 मा 3:16 बिहान


  • 20. Navneet  |  मार्च 25, 2008 मा 4:50 अपराह्न

    areeee hatti jaldi se chuha banja varna circus wale lekar jaenge or tere se itni exercise karwaenge ki tujhe apne motta hone par pachtana padenga circus mein chote chote bacche tere pit par chad jaaenge or tuje pach pach rupaiye mein seir karane ko kahenge common just thing once on my this comment

  • 21. zellyanks91  |  अप्रील 13, 2008 मा 9:17 बिहान

    is that big bulge your left nut?

  • 22. Jamie  |  अप्रील 30, 2008 मा 7:28 अपराह्न

    How did he get that fat? WHen he was a baby how much did he weigh? When I look @ that picture, sometimes I feel sick (sorry), although I feel sorry for him. Did anybody make his shirt and pants or did anyone buy them for him? LATER!!!

  • 23. Jamie  |  अप्रील 30, 2008 मा 7:30 अपराह्न


  • 24. Jamie  |  अप्रील 30, 2008 मा 7:32 अपराह्न

    Remember that I will pray for you. Have a GREAT life….

  • 25. I saw your show  |  मे 6, 2008 मा 11:44 बिहान

    man you people are sick there is nothing wrong with the man i see in front of me

  • 26. bibby  |  मे 15, 2008 मा 2:06 बिहान

    you are an inspiration to many people here in Nigeria…don’t give heed to those nitwits who don’t even know the sizes of their PANTIES…keep it up,dude…you’re the BOMB!!!

  • 27. Libby  |  मे 17, 2008 मा 7:09 बिहान

    Hey i think people are real jerks who are saying i hate fattys.
    I’m sorry man. I know that you didn’t try to be overweight and you are in my prayers. I’m so prud of you losing that weight and i’m sorry about some inconsiderate people.

  • 28. Tee  |  मे 17, 2008 मा 10:42 बिहान

    The Good Lord will make your health perfect. To you all who think you are the best; Please SHUT UP it shows you don’t have good upbringing; if you do you will remember that we are all family and we need to encourage each other

  • 29. Jake  |  मे 20, 2008 मा 2:34 अपराह्न

    At least his arms don’t look that fat…

  • 30. CARLA  |  मे 23, 2008 मा 2:24 अपराह्न


  • 31. caitlin  |  मे 25, 2008 मा 4:38 बिहान

    why do people have to put this man down. call him names and tell him to lose weight. well don’t get me wronge, i to think this man needs to lose a couple lbs. but come on that is no reason to make fun of him. i am sure this man as a good heart and just wants some love! so just be nice and give him some respect!

  • 32. bob  |  जुन 6, 2008 मा 10:02 अपराह्न

    your a fatty lose some weight i hope you do good luck ”
    =] your friend bob

  • 33. bob  |  जुन 6, 2008 मा 10:03 अपराह्न

    u fatt ass lose some god damn wieght rite now word out nigga

  • 34. Meoh  |  जुन 12, 2008 मा 11:15 अपराह्न

    Bob… Maybe you should learn to spell and he is clearly not African American??? OH and one more thing – ugly inside makes ugly outside… And MAN some of these people are U G L Y! Manuel, Keep it up! Ignore the haters – they obviously grew up with no class OR are still in elementary school where it is so much fun to pick on the person who is different… Best of luck to you in your endeavor!

  • 35. siani  |  जुन 13, 2008 मा 12:03 अपराह्न

    you look so cute and don’t give up god rise you that way and be prode of it all yall hatters don’t hate because theway he look. look at the brite side!! what if you were him how would you feel?

  • 36. jeddie  |  जुन 13, 2008 मा 10:48 अपराह्न

    you are very courageous and highly self motivated. not many people with such a condition can stand up like you do especially on net. anyway i wish you a long life.

  • 37. Raven  |  जुन 18, 2008 मा 2:54 बिहान


  • 38. Mele  |  जुन 25, 2008 मा 7:03 बिहान

    Oh Heaven god!What have you done to yourself….may god bless you

  • 39. Cracey  |  जुन 25, 2008 मा 7:05 बिहान

    Mannnnnnnnnn Is my eye correct I haven’t seen such a thing like this before…he is sooo…………………………. fat

  • 40. Sam  |  जुलाई 5, 2008 मा 11:31 अपराह्न

    Hi Manuel-
    congratulations!!! I am happy, that you lost so many kilos. I am sure, that you are on your way (the best)and for your way I wisch you all the best! Don`t worry about bad educated people which wrote so many silly comments. I am pretty sure, that no one of them would reach, what you reached. You can be soooo proud of yourself-Take care – Greetings from Germany-from me and my kids

  • 41. Nicole  |  जुलाई 6, 2008 मा 2:51 बिहान

    I feel really bad for you i hope you are doing better and i will pray for you!!!


  • 42. nicole  |  जुलाई 8, 2008 मा 10:21 अपराह्न

    WTF y did u let yourself go like just lose some weight and mabe u will get a girl friend and y would u show this on computer this is not something to b proud of.

  • 43. kevin  |  जुलाई 10, 2008 मा 6:57 बिहान

    people like that are a waste of human life. That dudes parents should be lined up and shot for having their son turn like that.

  • 44. undercover nice girl  |  जुलाई 11, 2008 मा 7:29 बिहान

    You look fantastic!! Very handsome in that blue shirt. Good luck

  • 45. undercover nice guy  |  जुलाई 11, 2008 मा 7:33 बिहान

    you are a fat little boy

  • 46. nic  |  जुलाई 19, 2008 मा 6:40 बिहान

    I think it is stupid that people make fun of other people just because of how they. look keep up the good work and you have my prayers.

  • 47. Marquise  |  जुलाई 20, 2008 मा 6:08 अपराह्न

    Yo man keep your head up, mind clear, and thoughts focused. To Everyone that said something ill about this guy. I pray for you. Congrats on the weight loss man keep it up.

  • 48. Tater  |  जुलाई 22, 2008 मा 9:05 बिहान

    I am probably the only non American to post here… And not being racist to America but some of you sicken me. Both the people thinking they are being good and the haters. It’s whats indise that counts people…..

  • 49. Nikki  |  जुलाई 29, 2008 मा 8:44 बिहान

    I think everyone who dares say bad wordz on a chat but not 2 his face is stupid. He may be kinda chubby, but he is getting there! BTW, gr8 job and keep up the good work.

  • 50. Richard  |  जुलाई 30, 2008 मा 5:15 बिहान

    wat the hell?? dude u r really fat and unhealthy. here are some tips!
    1. eat less
    2. exercise
    3. and get an accurate scale!
    how can u live this way???

  • 51. chris  |  अगस्ट 1, 2008 मा 6:08 बिहान

    you all should be ashamed of none of u realise that obeisty is an illness…do u really think that anyone one would want to do this to themselves….i wish u all the luck in the world and hope u succeed and prove all the sad ignorant people wrong

  • 52. loco  |  अगस्ट 1, 2008 मा 11:28 बिहान

    wtf!!!!!!!!u guys are messed up for making fun of this guy, he is trying to lose some weight and ppl are just bagging on him, he should be an inspiration, not something to be made fun of, some of u guys are mest up

  • 53. Mark Smith  |  अगस्ट 2, 2008 मा 1:27 बिहान

    Hi, it’s great you are sharing your photos and story – a real inspiration – It’s cool whatever size you are but if you choose to lose weight then you may feel physically better. Don’t let the silly comments on this site get you down. I feel sorry for people that need to make such comments: maybe because they have such small minds they envy your size!
    All the best, Mark

  • 54. Angela and Pasco  |  अगस्ट 5, 2008 मा 2:35 अपराह्न

    We all know how it feels to have something about us that we dont like! Dont u think that this man would like to be a size 32 and have all the women falling at his feet? Well we arent all perfect that is what makes us all different…….if he was a size 32 then the so called “hunky” guys would have no one to make fun of……you all should be ashamed!!! this is a human being with a heart and soul just like all of us…….i really dont know how most of u sleep at night knowing you say things like this to bring other pple down…..This man has faced more adversity than most of u will in a life time!!! I applaude this man is his endevour in trying to better his self and i hope you all can take something from that!!! God Bless u Dear Sir and KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!!

  • 55. holydiver  |  अगस्ट 9, 2008 मा 11:53 बिहान

    OMFG!!!! can u find ur on penis?!?! and what size pants do u wear? dude you could shake the world by fartinG


  • 56. Misty  |  अगस्ट 13, 2008 मा 7:04 बिहान

    You rock baby!!!!! Keep up the good work, Manuel..we are very proud of you, cutie!

  • 57. Juliana  |  सेप्टेम्बर 1, 2008 मा 5:31 बिहान

    hey hes a hotty.
    id want him in my bed.
    if he wouldnt break it.
    he might crush me.
    so id be on top;]

    hes nastyy(:

  • 58. Marisa  |  सेप्टेम्बर 2, 2008 मा 9:06 बिहान

    I am so saddened about the ignorance of some of you…who do you think you are to say such horrible things to this precious man. Through all the weight is a man…a man who loves (not food) life, loves Claudia, loves her boy, loves God, loves the sunshine. Have any of you had to break through a barrier of any kind….it is never easy, however; this precious man is trying his best via “The Zone Diet” with a wonderful support system. I feel for the ones of you that have lowered yourselfs to such childishness to belittle another human being

  • 59. hugepeoplesuck  |  सेप्टेम्बर 2, 2008 मा 9:51 बिहान

    how the crap can you get that big? once you start to tip the scale around 300-400 pounds, you’d think about slowing down and go on a diet. especially once you get up to over 600 lbs. he got up to 1234 pounds. no lie. HOW?!?!?!?!?

  • 60. hugepeoplesuck  |  सेप्टेम्बर 2, 2008 मा 9:54 बिहान

    also, what is that huge thing next to his penis? or is that his penis?

  • 61. lara  |  सेप्टेम्बर 4, 2008 मा 2:27 बिहान

    first of all people stop being rude to this guy! i`m not american i`m european but whilst i was reading these comments i felt sick . I m not going to pray for this man to loose weight because i’m sure he`s well motivated and he will succeed in loosing lbs ,however i will pray for lots of ignorant people who called this man bad thnigs ,You ignorant people need praying because you are sad inside that is why you are bullying this man by words! stop being like this and try to toolerate every one

  • 62. Stacy  |  सेप्टेम्बर 18, 2008 मा 6:07 बिहान

    Oh my gosh people STOP being Assholes and leave him alone. Hes losing weight and I wish more people would would follow him in losing weight. Take a walk in his fuck shoes and have people giving you shit about how much you weigh. Would you like that? Hell no you wouldnt. So just leave him alone.

  • 63. Garret  |  सेप्टेम्बर 19, 2008 मा 6:52 बिहान

    It’s no coincidence that all the people that choose to insult this man have no English skills whatsoever. He clearly has a serious physiological or physcological disorder that caused this level of obesity. The need to rail or disgustingly taunt him proves a lack of self-confidence, compassion, and intelligence on your parts. If you think you’re getting a laugh or showing some kind of smart wit, you’re sadly mistaken. Educate yourselves on subject matter before making commentary. Find a role model with wisdom and a sense of justice, or a mentor who will guide you and teach you about life on a subatomic scale. In other words, stop being stupid assholes!!

  • 64. fattysarehate  |  सेप्टेम्बर 21, 2008 मा 8:17 अपराह्न

    ur flipping fatty!!!!!! loose some frecken weight y are u so fuckin fat u piece of shit!!!!!!!!!

  • 65. B-rad  |  सेप्टेम्बर 24, 2008 मा 12:29 बिहान

    omg ur so fat just stick a gun in ur fatass mouth and fucking die u fat piece of shit! You are a discarce to humanity and so is your whole god damn family for raising you! It looks like absorbed your family and added their weight to yours. And yea all the people that are saying good things it wont matter him being that fat he wont be alive very much longer if you think about it im suprised he hasnt croked over by now which i swear to god if he doesnt then it would be a sure sign of the apocolypse and i would surely kill myself yea he may be losing weight but he was a discusting fuck to even get that fat in the first place. and obesity isnt a disease its an addiction to food in which its easy to cure…..a gun to the head which he should have done by now cure your desease and be free LIVE FREE AND DIE FAT!

  • 66. tyler jones  |  सेप्टेम्बर 27, 2008 मा 12:24 बिहान

    Push the record to new heights GET FATTER

  • 67. Manuel Uribe is Getting Married! « Pardesh Baata  |  अक्टोबर 6, 2008 मा 9:44 अपराह्न

    […] Manuel Uribe : World’s fattest man […]

  • 68. valeria  |  अक्टोबर 7, 2008 मा 12:55 अपराह्न

    who the FUCK do you people think you are, telling him to die and that he makes you want to puke.

    you all make ME want to puke, you have no right to say hurtful things to somebody or judge him the way you are.
    at least he’s doing something about it.

    i wish you the best of luck manuel, and all the things people say should only make you stronger.

  • 69. ????????????????????  |  अक्टोबर 28, 2008 मा 8:36 बिहान

    man you fat. how fat is your mom. And how the fuck did you get out of her. a crane

  • 70. to valeria  |  अक्टोबर 29, 2008 मा 1:43 बिहान

    The only reason you have sympathy for this man is because you have a latin name also. but anyways, who the fuck are you to tell everyone off when in fact, you should be telling that cow off. HE chose to eat like that, HE chose to never excercise, HE made every choice possible to allow HIMSELF to get that way. No one shoveled ANY food down his throat, he somehow managed to lift his arm, and the food that came along with it to his face and make his body what it is. Ya, i give him props for losing weight, but the weight that he has lost, doubles my body weight right now. Thats DISGUISTING. I have NO sympathy at all for him or anyone else that chooses to make themselves weigh as much as a small whale. NONE. They deserve it cuz they did it.

  • 71. Dylan  |  नोभेम्बर 2, 2008 मा 11:31 अपराह्न

    Wow! i really dont appreiciate what some of you people are saying. look at the picture and see how innocent he is. He proboly didnt chose to be likt that his body proboly doesnt burn fat right…alll of u are sick for saying those hatefull nasty things

  • 72. Dylan  |  नोभेम्बर 10, 2008 मा 2:03 बिहान

    man i can’t believe what i just said. i am a fucking loser. but i myself am fat, so i don’t like it when people say the honest truth to me. i should die

  • 73. darlene  |  नोभेम्बर 10, 2008 मा 5:39 अपराह्न

    Ok he is fat,I hope his diet works for his sake.I just wanna know why those who say they love him. Kept feeding him all that food when he couldnt get up.Why didn’t they just force him to diet.he would have had to eat what ever they brought ,due to the fact he couldn’t get out of bed to get anything more.Good Luck buddy.

  • 74. Deeya & Ciprian  |  नोभेम्बर 12, 2008 मा 11:04 बिहान


    Am happy for you and beleive that God knows wat he does to people. All i would say is even through those nasty words that pople sent to you,one can learn a lesson through that.Being good and healthy, and eduacated does not mean you earn the world. U really show those dummies that you are narmal and deserve to be happy. Keep up with what you are doing and happiness will always be by your side.. We’ll pray for you..Congrats for your wedding

  • 75. dorothy  |  नोभेम्बर 18, 2008 मा 4:42 अपराह्न

    belive in yourself dont dwell on what people who belong to the devil’s camp are saying i know and belive u will wight and may be advise u to use GNLD products and congs upon ur marriage and pray i pray ur wife will be of help dats if she has not come for other motives.for more information regarding your you can call +2560782364952 mulago hospital uganda

  • 76. caitlyn  |  नोभेम्बर 24, 2008 मा 5:15 बिहान

    Hey you r doing a very good job and keep it up i will pray for you every day so dont take the other comments serious u r really doing a great job so kepp up with wat ever you doing to make your body very very healthy adn vern if i am 12 yrs you r doing a very good job. BYE!!!!!!!!!!

  • 77. Angela  |  नोभेम्बर 25, 2008 मा 11:06 बिहान

    How many of you who’ve criticized this man have spent any time researching the possible causes of this kind of extreme overeating? Very few, if any, I expect. What does it say about you that you are so quick to riducule and condemn, rather than to gather information and try to understand something? It’s easy to say “stop eating’ – many over eaters DO stop eating, like an alcoholic who stops drinking – but they will always be an over eater, or an alcoholic…. just not indulging at the time. The root cause, the motivation, the chemical imbalance in the brain, or environmental issues, such as childhood experiences, or other influences we don’t yet understand – are all potential reasons for this person’s situation. Even if he did stop eating, the underlying issue needs to be determined and resolved – if that’s even possible. It’s too simplistic an argument that he’s in this situation through choice alone. We’d all be so much better off if we spent more time seeking to understand and find solutions, rather than jumping to inaccurate conclusions due to ingnorance and hate and because poking fun at someone else makes us feel we’re better than we are. Did it occur to anyone who has posted negative comments that this individual could be hurt by these comments – what good are you doing in making them? What good have you done for anyone lately? Think about it.

  • 78. Theguy  |  डिसेम्बर 20, 2008 मा 6:39 बिहान

    …wtf my girlfriend just said shes gonna leave me for him…i bet that dude likes mcdonalds…

  • 79. Joe  |  जनवरी 4, 2009 मा 1:49 अपराह्न

    I’m very proud of you…..and so are so many others!!! keep up the good work don’t let anyone put you down or tell you other wise……

  • 80. Frank  |  जनवरी 11, 2009 मा 9:25 बिहान

    Jesus loves you young man… now go drop 2786736978363 lbs fat ass

  • 81. Aleshia  |  जनवरी 27, 2009 मा 5:52 बिहान

    Oh My My…I was blest to see the viewing on the medical channel. Still yet, we can’t forget that we are our brother and sister’s keepers. He needs inspiration and not ridicule. No he doesn’t need a pat on the back and reward him for overeating but if we study the illness, we won’t be so closed minded. Manual, keep up the hard work and remain steadfast…for in due season you shall reap the harvest of your hard work. If my partner were facing such a dilemna, I would stick it out with him because just like your fiancee, I love him dearly!! (Smiles, goodwill, happiness & Peace to you) alp

  • 82. Janey  |  फ्रेवुअरी 3, 2009 मा 6:44 बिहान

    Awwwww, I feel bad for him!

  • 83. Jessica Loi  |  फ्रेवुअरी 17, 2009 मा 7:36 बिहान

    fat piece of crap…LOOOSEE WAIT U FAT ASS jeeeeeeeeeeeeez im suprised u havnt died yet…wats that extra stomach?????

  • 84. Brittany  |  फ्रेवुअरी 18, 2009 मा 12:42 अपराह्न

    damn dude that’s good that you lost that weight because you weighed a whole fucking lot sorry son but it’s the truth but maybe you should still loose more weight nd yea really is that your nut or something?

  • 85. Jonny  |  फ्रेवुअरी 20, 2009 मा 1:35 बिहान

    Yeah it’s disguisting but i’d like to see any of you who want to lose weight half your body weight. This man deserves to be slapped for letting himself get that way, but deserves a medal and our admiration for fighting his way back

  • 86. Fifteen but caring  |  अप्रील 21, 2009 मा 12:35 अपराह्न

    Manuel I watched the episode about you on Discovery Health last night and I think the fact that you are making an effort is amazing and you should stick with it, I too am “fat” but so is my family and really people make such a big deal over it, I just think it’s ridiculous.
    These people who say hurtful stuff really make me sad that they don’t have anything better to do. You are an inspiration and you are truly a good guy, your heart is in the right place and so is your mind, it’s not like you’re just sitting there doing nothing about it, you’re doing something about this all and I think that you should keep up the good work and keep trying to reach your goal. :o)

  • 87. mike  |  मे 15, 2009 मा 6:58 बिहान

    i was just surfing the net an came across this page an i been reading some of the messages an its true what they say the acorn dont fall far from the tree cause some of the coments made makeing fun of this man an all the bad things there saying.thats how they were raised an its all in how they were raised an taught to put someone down like that.there parents were trash mouths they are trash mouths an there kids god 4 bid will will be trash mouths to. no one has the right to judge any one,.so what give you the right to say all them bad things about him when he has all ready lost so much.i will say this when i pray 4 him 2 get better i will pray that god turns the table on every one that put him down,and i myself hope they all gain weight an get made fun of there self so they will know how it feels to be put down.and no im not fat an just takeing up 4 fat people im slim an good looken i just cant stand hearing all the judgemental coments an you think your any better than last… all that have made fun of him and that are going to.. get a life cause the one you got isent worken..

  • 88. Raluca  |  मे 22, 2009 मा 2:27 अपराह्न

    In the first foto is not him

  • 89. steve  |  जुन 5, 2009 मा 12:26 अपराह्न

    ever one leave this guy alone he is amazing he lost more weight then any one could of thought so he fat who cares ur all insure little pricks

  • 90. lynn  |  जुन 8, 2009 मा 6:19 अपराह्न

    OA heals the mind,body and soul,there is nothing that works better then a 12 step program,its like cleaning house from head to toe! it saved my life!GOD BLESS YOU!

  • 91. Fatty 2.0  |  जुन 10, 2009 मा 3:13 बिहान

    I say, gain more weight and become an NHL goalie. All you would have to do is sit there and no one would ever score, then you could take all that money you got from winning the stanley cup and get liposuction, or whatever you want to do.

  • 92. stop you  |  जुलाई 6, 2009 मा 7:47 बिहान

    Everybody that leaves this poor guy a hatefull comment can choke for all i care, because i am over 300 pounds and know how hard it is to loose weight. Everybody has bad habits they need to quit like smoking, drinking, ect. that are equally as hard to quit as eating is. Thats all.

  • 93. TRACY  |  जुलाई 20, 2009 मा 11:01 बिहान


  • 94. keetalee  |  अगस्ट 1, 2009 मा 6:42 बिहान

    sorry but i think its descusting haw can somone get so big id get staright to hosp

  • 95. The Fonz  |  सेप्टेम्बर 10, 2009 मा 4:28 बिहान

    Manuel is not an inspiration to those who want to lose weight! Look at how fat he made himself in the first place! It is disgusting, and if anything, he is a “bad” example for our already lazy and overweight population.

  • 96. trallalalaaa  |  सेप्टेम्बर 19, 2009 मा 1:56 बिहान

    you did a great job, but really, you have to keep on,,, stop eating for like 4 years ;o

  • 97. Hannah Montana  |  सेप्टेम्बर 20, 2009 मा 3:26 बिहान

    Hey Sorry 4 u I bet ur a rly nice man XOXO

    Hannah Montana

    {P.S. Was up everybody? PEACE OUT!}

    hehe JK Byyyyyyyyyeeeeeeeeeeeee.

  • 98. Hannah Montana  |  सेप्टेम्बर 20, 2009 मा 3:39 बिहान

    Be nice to him please. He’s a poor man and as Hannah Montana. I hould bea role model to you so please be nice to him. I will pray for him.

    XOXO Hannah Montana

    {P.S. If ur 1 of my fans my email is NO CAPITALS}

  • 99. sk  |  सेप्टेम्बर 22, 2009 मा 6:33 बिहान

    I like him.

  • 100. MeganWarren.  |  अक्टोबर 11, 2009 मा 10:38 अपराह्न

    Eww.. are you a man OR a woman?
    how do you have sex?

  • 101. emma lopez  |  अक्टोबर 15, 2009 मा 12:35 अपराह्न

    you rock 1215 pounds wow

  • 102. xochitl  |  अक्टोबर 16, 2009 मा 9:44 बिहान

    hI:) dont listen to all these people they honestly have no respect what so ever! I believe you can loose all the weight and be healthy if you really stick your mind to it i have faith in you andd ill keep you in my prayers! REMEMBER keep your head up and never let anyone bring you down! =]

  • 103. shayli chambers  |  नोभेम्बर 29, 2009 मा 6:51 बिहान

    This is sad and he deosnt need anybody eleses input because he doesnt care about all those freaking bible thumpers why the hell would you waste your time prying to an invisble god. and to you fugly bastereds this might be grows but thats not for you to say he could have been going through something at the time that put a lot of stress on him that could have caused an eating problem so you need to shut your dirty mouths. and if your sixteen and not eating a hole plate of food hear are two seggustion stop puting so much food on it or stop being anerestic. i todaly agree with bob you dont need to ride that gay escilade you need to shut the hell up you gay bitch along with the rest of you grimlins.

  • 104. shayli chambers  |  नोभेम्बर 29, 2009 मा 6:54 बिहान

    but i have hope so get better.

  • 105. Maria B  |  डिसेम्बर 2, 2009 मा 11:57 अपराह्न

    I think its sad that some of you people actually feel hatred towards this man and that you’re saying all those unkind things. In life we sometimes fall for whatever the reason. His fall would have been the situation that caused him to over eat (maybe a bad past or a family problem etc.) and food became his friend. For some drugs or sex become our companion. Maybe what you unkind persons can do is to thank God for your life and your situation. Help a fallen brother who wants to get up instead of pushing him back down with your words.

  • 106. Jonathan  |  डिसेम्बर 7, 2009 मा 9:37 अपराह्न

    Heyy I dont know how you’re doing right now, but i’m fat too. Don’t let people get you down for your size. There is variety in this world and no one should take your self confidence away from you.

    love xxx

  • 107. Slim Anus  |  डिसेम्बर 11, 2009 मा 6:41 बिहान

    Somebody has to be the worlds fattest man. I am sure you can get rid of the weight, but then you will be a loser. Who wants to be a loser? Keep it real, keep eating.

  • 108. oscar  |  डिसेम्बर 20, 2009 मा 5:20 बिहान

    oh my god i feel really bad for you. try to be healthy again and take care of yourself

  • 109. oscar  |  डिसेम्बर 20, 2009 मा 5:22 बिहान

    oh my god i feel really bad for you .try to be healthy again and take care of yourself

  • 110. Dakota Pepin  |  डिसेम्बर 21, 2009 मा 10:15 बिहान


  • 111. Ivelisse  |  डिसेम्बर 22, 2009 मा 8:03 बिहान

    I think when people r eating a lot is because there going through a hard difficult time!!!! I hope you could lose all the weight you want…
    everyone is going to be praying for you, trust me… GOD BLESS YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • […] यह मैं नहीं..  मैन्यूल है, बोले  तो बेचारा मोटापे  का  ज़हे-नसीब फिज़िशियन  सैम्पल ! […]

  • 113. Christian Feddor  |  डिसेम्बर 27, 2009 मा 6:29 बिहान

    It is an inspiration to me to read all the wonderful comments people have posted. (i.e. “Stop eating, fatty!”)
    The compassion of people. Mmmm.
    Makes me proud to be a member of the human race.

  • 114. Sean  |  जनवरी 13, 2010 मा 1:50 अपराह्न

    First of all the people who keep telling him to ‘eat less and exercise’ are clearly retarded, he already has lost over 400 pounds, secondly at the weight he was (and still is) exercise of any significant magnitude (enough to burn fat) is impossible. Secondly, while he is to blame for eating as much as he did, it is not entirely his fault. Most normal human bodies are unable to move once there is about 500 or more pounds of weight to carry, only people who were very strong to begin with would be capable of any movement. My point being is that someone would have to be bringing him the same unhealthy, large portion meals that he was eating after he reached a weight half of his record setting weight over 1200 pounds. So it is also the fault of whoever was responsible for feeding him another 600 pounds of fat after he became immobile. I would have thought that any sane caretaker would realize that the person in question is morbidly obese and force them to eat healthy meals. Since he cannot move anyways how is going to ‘make’ them give him unhealthy food? Moreover, I would say that the his ability to change his situation and lose over 400 pounds (and to any recent knowledge he is continuing to lose steady weight), should be commended, not insulted.

  • 115. Tasha  |  जनवरी 18, 2010 मा 5:07 बिहान

    The way to get someone to lose weight is to tell them straight that they need to – that’s probably how he started losing weight in the first placce, for all we know.

  • 116. tgjdzejn  |  फ्रेवुअरी 3, 2010 मा 6:56 बिहान

    leave him alone ….. no wat never mind you fatty you need help

  • 117. marissa  |  मार्च 5, 2010 मा 11:52 बिहान

    Hey, I’m really proud of ya bud! You look much better! Keep up the good work and don’t get discouraged!

  • 118. eggsalad  |  मार्च 6, 2010 मा 12:08 अपराह्न

    dude damn ur really discusting you need to lose like infinity amount of weight it’s not even funny. i don’t feel bad for u because alot of people on this freakin page is encouraging u to just blow up it’s actually funny because ur following there rules. u should start throwing down fat pils down the toilet instead of ur . u should hav decided to lose alot of ur weight a long time ago like when u were like 3 yrs. im a 97 yr old man and i’m as fat as ur friens thinking on how smart u really r. oly if u r smart, lose weight dumbass =}

  • 119. Courtney  |  मार्च 6, 2010 मा 9:57 अपराह्न

    i think you guys are really mean, people really need to stop running there frickin mouth about this guy; and grow the hell up mk. you’ll stay in my prayers(:

  • 120. jack cross  |  मार्च 28, 2010 मा 11:28 बिहान

    u guys r really mean of calling him this stuff obvusailly it could be is fault at the begging and nit his now leave him alone i bet he is cool if u mean him and ur not 97 cuz 97 yer old dont talk like friens and stuff like that so leave him alone ur the dumb asss her retard

  • 121. Brian  |  अप्रील 5, 2010 मा 1:35 अपराह्न

    I think all of you guys that wanna call him names are nothing but a bunch of scared little pussies. I hope you all get leprosy, aids, skin cancer, polio, and every other desease known to man. U make me sick to even be human. Maggots are better than you little shits!!!

  • 122. richard  |  अप्रील 7, 2010 मा 5:11 बिहान

    hey good job on loosing weight! I am was 230 and now 190 and that was my goal. I am just eating better and doing more jogging and lifting weights. You are an insperation to all people over weight.

  • 123. jhbvchbfdkvgbsfd  |  अप्रील 12, 2010 मा 5:48 बिहान

    omg you are so obese

  • 124. audrey  |  अप्रील 25, 2010 मा 12:58 बिहान

    ummmmm…wow dude u r HUGE!!!!! wat have u ben eating???? do u think yr mom iz happy wit u or has she already died because of being to over waight danm dude get a life that involves excersize not eating!!!!

  • 125. Rose Black  |  अप्रील 25, 2010 मा 2:26 बिहान

    You know, I think you’re being insensitive.Give the guy a break. He may be a llittle “chunky” buut he’s trying to lose weight, and you can’t get thin all at once, especially if you’re that obese. People have sympathy withh anorexia, so have sympathy with obesity! We should be wishing him good luck with his diet. If he thinks everyone’s against him, he won’t bother.
    Personally, I think anorexia is much more disgusting than obesity. But then that’s just me. I’m not exactly slim.

  • 126. j5  |  अप्रील 28, 2010 मा 1:49 अपराह्न

    1 2 3 4. 🙂 hey man i bet if u and me were n a race u would win. ya its easy u would just have to fart or shit ur pants and the boost would be unstopable. wait can u get out of ur bed. oh well little big buddy we will just call it ur rocketship. ya. i bet that bed and u bond like crazy. with the bbq stains and ice cream toppings on the sheets. do u pisss and shit in ur bed or is it deployed to the army for testing. i mean i know we wanna have war heads but shit heads lol we have enough of those in the world. maybe i can come over and we can play xbox. ya just u and me and mcdonalds in ur living room. we will play the king sneak game cause it has burger king in it. u know what ur not fat. ur just trying to become popular. i will now call u peter poplar eat a fuckin toplar.

  • 127. tatiana  |  मे 17, 2010 मा 9:53 अपराह्न

    You need to lose weight or join weight weachers because your making a repersentation of america to fellow country’s thats sick!

  • 128. amber  |  मे 23, 2010 मा 11:24 बिहान

    leave him alone what if you were like would not want people calling you fat and stuff like that

  • 129. jaddy990  |  मे 23, 2010 मा 1:54 अपराह्न

    well you know what know matter who sayz your fat there right but u know what that rocks cuzz your like famous and you know what all you have to do is eat a salid and stay hethy so dont die on us cuzz we all love you ! ceep up the good work ♥

  • 130. Alveana  |  मे 25, 2010 मा 4:34 बिहान

    If you’re fat, you did it too youself.

  • 131. Leigh  |  मे 27, 2010 मा 1:52 बिहान

    Rose Black, I totally agree with you. Anorexia is definitely worse than obesity, and you can die much, much quicker that way, too. This guy’s clearly made mistakes in the past, but haven’t we all? At least he’s attempting to fix his.

  • 132. Nancy and Baby  |  जुन 2, 2010 मा 11:04 अपराह्न



  • 133. Nancy and Baby  |  जुन 2, 2010 मा 11:06 अपराह्न

    I’m disturbed, but at least I’m not that fat. The World doesn’t want you here. Heaven is calling… Or hell.. With that size.. you should go to hell! ‘-‘

  • 134. re:alveana  |  जुन 3, 2010 मा 1:07 बिहान

    who probably got diabeties or i don’t know how to spell , but sometimes its not there fault.

  • 135. Bria  |  जुलाई 2, 2010 मा 1:33 अपराह्न


  • 136. Bria  |  जुलाई 2, 2010 मा 1:35 अपराह्न


  • 137. Miss Mandy  |  जुलाई 17, 2010 मा 9:08 बिहान

    What the fuck is wrong with you people putting him down? You obviously have nothing better to do with your lifes. Does it make you feel good about yourselves putting people down? How would you like it? I don’t think you would. So fuck off and get a life!

  • 138. p-diddy  |  अगस्ट 20, 2010 मा 3:43 बिहान

    dont let ppl get at u bruh.. god loves everyone the same… since im a rapper im gunna make a rap… you’ve inspired me in alot of way’s!!!!!!!! PEACE BRO P-DIDDY IS WIT YOU

  • 139. Skeptic  |  अगस्ट 21, 2010 मा 8:17 बिहान

    He’s so fat, he can’t wipe his own ass. That’s so pathetic.

  • 140. norhan  |  अगस्ट 21, 2010 मा 4:44 अपराह्न

    people who say mean things to this man why u doing this look at his pure kindly face and i am sure that god created him like that he didnt eat so much to get like that good luck i will pray for u god with u

  • 141. \Sam  |  अगस्ट 31, 2010 मा 5:31 अपराह्न

    Just beacuse all of you are selfish doenst mean that he is… I bet he didnt mean to get like this
    and also it doesnt matter wat u look likke
    just beacuse ur jennifa hawkins doesnt mean there isnt something wrong with you i mean she probably used to have a big nose or small ears she wouldnt be absalutely perfect anyway my point is

    you cant choose wat your parents feed you and you cant shoose wat you look like
    so to all of u out there take a look at yourself and i bet you
    you will be able to find somnehting wrong with you
    soo everyone
    just shut
    look how
    good job man!!!

  • 142. ben flonkter  |  सेप्टेम्बर 24, 2010 मा 7:09 बिहान

    yoo man needs 2 loose some weight.. blad ure a fatty! ull never get any ratty, ure duty egg…. man got a head the size of a garden shed… blad if you eat any longer my raps gunna get stronger u fatty monger.. go eat a burger u heffer manz gunna drop 2 the floor soon u proon.. yo fat man wots ure mum feed ya.. kfc u fat man mother fukin prodegy wot wot ure mum made u fat u silly twat so she can go play with her dangly rat BRAT BRAT.. GOOD NIGHT GOD BLESS YOU BIG FAT HAIRY MESS oh and dont die soon you big fat baboon.. manz got a BIG gut from his duty slut who made you a mess bet ya cant even dress without making a mess waring size 9000 dress!! blad you got tits bigger than pamela anderson and jordan put 2 getha! loose some weight u reprebate! haha love u really you fat fuck!!

  • 143. HERPDERPNEEGURR  |  सेप्टेम्बर 29, 2010 मा 1:06 अपराह्न


  • 144. HERPDERPNEEGURR  |  सेप्टेम्बर 29, 2010 मा 1:06 अपराह्न


  • 145. justice  |  अक्टोबर 6, 2010 मा 9:16 बिहान

    well you know what know matter who sayz your fat there right but u know what that rocks cuzz your like famous and you know what all you have to do is eat a salid and stay hethy so dont die on us cuzz we all love you ! ceep up the good work If you’re fat, you did it too youself.1 2 3 4. 🙂 hey man i bet if u and me were n a race u would win. ya its easy u would just have to fart or shit ur pants and the boost would be unstopable. wait can u get out of ur bed. oh well little big buddy we will just call it ur rocketship. ya. i bet that bed and u bond like crazy. with the bbq stains and ice cream toppings on the sheets. do u pisss and shit in ur bed or is it deployed to the army for testing. i mean i know we wanna have war heads but shit heads lol we have enough of those in the world. maybe i can come over and we can play xbox. ya just u and me and mcdonalds in ur living room. we will play the king sneak game cause it has burger king in it. u know what ur not fat. ur just trying to become popular. i will now call u peter poplar eat a fuckin toplar

  • 146. justice  |  अक्टोबर 6, 2010 मा 9:17 बिहान

    fatty fatty two by four get your ass through that door

  • 147. justice  |  अक्टोबर 6, 2010 मा 9:18 बिहान

    sorry that was my friend he is a dick hope you get better

  • 148. Aj And Courtney-jade  |  अक्टोबर 15, 2010 मा 4:52 अपराह्न

    F***king stop eating u fat humper lumper . !!!!!!!!! STOP F***KING EATING !!!!

  • 149. Simone Sparkes  |  डिसेम्बर 4, 2010 मा 12:03 बिहान

    dont understand why people are commenting telling him how to do stuff. he didnt blog this and will never read it…..

  • 150. swaney  |  डिसेम्बर 18, 2010 मा 11:42 बिहान

    how can u evenstand up keep trying to work out and eat healthy

  • 151. swaney  |  डिसेम्बर 18, 2010 मा 11:43 बिहान

    loose wieght how can u even stand up

  • 152. .................  |  डिसेम्बर 19, 2010 मा 2:59 बिहान

    sorry i gesss

  • 153. i said  |  डिसेम्बर 20, 2010 मा 1:52 बिहान

    ur really fat , so fat it is not even funny you raelly need to work on losing ALL that FAT because if u dont all the fat can clog ur lungs and u can die so u really need to go to the gym and if ur afraid then try to get up and call a person that help you lose fat

    or go to the hospital and get surgery to take SOME fat out and burn the the rest OFF

    well good luck

  • 154. emma  |  डिसेम्बर 26, 2010 मा 10:47 अपराह्न

    omg get better soon i feel sorry you good luck x

  • 155. emma  |  डिसेम्बर 26, 2010 मा 10:48 अपराह्न

    i wish you good luck

  • 156. jonathan  |  जनवरी 28, 2011 मा 9:29 अपराह्न

    may be you are an example to others,you where not the one who created yourself,so never mind what people say because they have no idea how you where created am your number fans saying go on such is life.

  • 157. megan  |  अप्रील 10, 2011 मा 1:33 बिहान

    okay really? everyone that is saying shit about him needs to stop. some people cant control it. what if you had to live this way? dont say anything until you can step into his shoes and feel how he feels on a daily basis. show some respect. and keep working at it Manuel! God will take care of you, god bless!

  • 158. amy  |  अप्रील 10, 2011 मा 10:34 बिहान

    hey keep up the great work.. dont listen to silly people who are so rude just keep it up im sure god will make everything all right!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • 159. jessica  |  अप्रील 11, 2011 मा 10:26 बिहान

    I am sure u trying very much to loose the weight…..
    keep it up u need to if u do not want to die 😦 😦
    i am a school teacher and i have seen people like u over weight so keep it up everyone can do it if they put there mind to it

  • 160. Jasey  |  अप्रील 28, 2011 मा 1:19 अपराह्न

    your a fat bitch loose some weight fatty ratty!!!!!

  • 161. vedant  |  मे 7, 2011 मा 7:29 अपराह्न

    ABEY MOTA SAALA KITNA KHAATA HAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    HAATI CONTROL KAR NAI TOH MAR JAYEGA KUTTE KI DHOOM……………………….!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • 162. alex  |  जुन 18, 2011 मा 11:24 बिहान

    u Gosh Damn Stupid Bastards Cant U Read It Said He Lost 400 Pounds So Quit Being Mean Hes Trying His Best 2 Get Rid Of It

  • 163. B.O.B  |  जुन 18, 2011 मा 11:31 बिहान

    yall need to shut the hell up!! “”put a gun to your mouth” ?! wtf! i bet u think u soo cool now. befor u talk shit about him why dont u ask urself what u accomplished! i bet u dont even do shit u just talk about other ppl all day! yall shouldnt make fun of him cuz hes fat that makes no since cuz i bet sum of yall is fat 2 so shut ur effin mouth up

  • 164. kimmy  |  जुन 24, 2011 मा 1:21 बिहान

    pag hilom mo mga wlay angay!!!!

  • 165. ParamoreFan  |  जुन 24, 2011 मा 2:32 बिहान

    i think that it’s mean people telling him to lose weight,
    don’t just look at the photo’s look at the text,
    it say’s he’s already losing weight so leave him alone.
    go manuel:)

  • 166. Alicia  |  सेप्टेम्बर 9, 2012 मा 3:54 बिहान

    I’m not sure that man should have got that fat – It’s a serious health risk and he probably costs the government more than five people put together, but that doesn’t matter. I think people should stop being so nasty to him, it counts as bullying. It’s not nice – it’s rude and mean. He lost weight anyway, which is a great achievement for him. Although he lost weight, he didn’t get normal-size again. He could still change, and become thinner and be like everyone else. I’m being hypocritical now. I’m horrible! Sorry, I’m a christian.

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    ईटालीको रोममा अप्रिल २२ बाट शुरु हुन लागेको अन्तर् राष्ट्रिय मेलामा पहिलो पटक नेपाली मन्दिर र झण्डै एक दर्जन बिभिन्न जनजातिका पोशाकहरुको प्रदर्शन हुन गैरहेको छ । यसै मेलामा वर्तमान विश्व संरचनामा नेपाली हस्तकला र यसको बजारीकरण बिषयक अन्तरक्रिया कार्यक्रमपनि हुँदै छ । त्यसकालागि गैह्र आवाशिय नेपाली संघका पूर्व केन्द्रिय अध्यक्ष, वर्तमान प्रमुख संरक्षक तथा […] […]

RSS अनलाइन खसखस

  • फिरफिरे, बुद्धिसागरको नयाँ उपन्यास बजारमा आउने तयारी गर्दा कभर फोटो बिवाद
    बुद्धिसागरको नयाँ उपन्यास "फिरफिरे" बजारमा आउने तयारी गर्दा कभर फोटो बिवाद शुरु भएको छ । स्टक फोटोलाइ कभरमा राख्दा चोरिको भएको वा प्रयोगको लागि पुर्ण अधिकार नभएको अनलाइन सोसल मिडियहरुमा शंका गरिएका थिए ।त्यस्ता शंकाहरुको जवाफमा बुद्धिसागरले कसैले मुद्धा हालिदिएमा सृजनात्मक चोरीमा धेरै फाइन तिर्नु पर्ने हुनाले आफुले त्यस्तो जोखिम नउठाउने बताएका छन् […] (RB)

RSS हाम्रो ब्लग

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RSS The road to Nowhere goes everywhere….

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RSS मेरो बिचार र अभिव्यक्तिको साझा चौतारी

  • के भएको थियो ९० सालको भूकम्पमा ?
    यही वैशाख १२, १३ र २९ का ठूला भूकम्प र त्यस बीचमा गएका सयौं का परकम्प र ‘धक्का’ सँगै नेपालमा घटेका विगतका ठूला भूकम्पको बारेका खोज र कौतूहल पनि बढेको छ । भूकम्प मूलतः प्राकृतिक घटना भएपनि ठूला भूकम्पहरू एउटा “अविस्मरणीय खाटा”का रूपमा देशको इतिहासमा रहन्छन् । अहिलेको विनाशकारी भूकम्पभन्दा अगाडिको कुरा गर्ने हो भने ९० साल अर्थात् सन १९३४ को भूकम्प नै नेपालको ल […]
    Dilip Acharya

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